Piercing needles?

I'm looking to do a piercing but I need the hollow needle so I can get the jewelry in easily. I have access to medical needles but haven't really looked to see if they are hollow like I need so was curious if anyone knows if I could use those or should order the needles online. I'm also unsure about sizing like I want the piercing to be 18g so do I get an 18g needle or should I use a 16g needle to do it with.


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  • I've used those angiocath needles for piercings and they work great. First check to see that your stud post fits into the plastic catheter. Wipe lobe with alcohol wipe. Pierce from back to front on the ear lobe then slide out the steel needle leaving the plastic cath part behind. Put the stud into the plastic cath and push everything back through. Voila.

    • I'm piercing my tongue web, I've done my ears and didn't need a hollow needle but I've done my belly button and was never able to get a ring in it because I used a sewing needle and once that came out the ring wouldn't just slide in so figured with this I'll use a hollow needle and when I push it through I'll put jewelry in end and slide it back out and jewelry will be in.

    • I think your idea will work fine. It just seems a bit more awkward using a metal needle rather than having a plastic angio cath in place.
      You won't need the alcohol wipe haha. Just take a shot of vodka, lol.

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