What's a very warm (but not sexy lol) Halloween costume?

I'm going trick-or-treating with my younger cousin, so I'll be outside most of the time and I'm looking for something fun but really really warm!


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  • Pop culture is a big source for these, draw on something many people will recognise, no matter their age... Very rewarding and fun. I'm glad you k of Halloween isn't supposed to be sexy, but clever.
    Warm things I can think of (mind you, I have zero exposure to pop culture): a bear ummm yeah I got nothing. Maybe check what's trending on Twitter and other sources. Review old newspapers. You could go as a bag of pot like in Harold and Kumar


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  • The white witch from Narnia? She has a very cosy coat...


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  • Maybe a cat? You could fob it off by dressing in a fluffy black jumper, black leggings, black boots, get some cat ears and a tail and draw on some whiskers. It should be warm enough and it's kinda Halloween themed :)

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    • haha how on earth will I find that costume lol

    • Not sure... all else fails, wear a long sleeved yellow shirt and black gloves and a yellow stocking hat and denim overalls and goggles and black boots. Ta-daaa!