D you think me being heavy will make it less likely for me to get the position?

so I got a job.There's a position open for carhop, its where you deliver food out to peoples cars on roller skates. I am fat, and I'm not being over critical on myself. but I'm pretty tall so this helps me out in the proportion department. do you think me being heavy will make it less likely for me to get the position? I can skate,not amazingly but I can balance,stop,and hold a tray. do companies want thinner girls who look 'cute' doing these types of positions in case it'll look better for them? I don't know also I don't want someone to laugh to themselves about the fatty rolling to them with food. its a temporary job, but I really like the idea of a carhop.

i already got the job.period.this isn't about my insecurities.period.would you be wierded out to have a fat chick deliver your food.period. Hope that clears things up.


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  • Don't let your insecurities stop you from applying for a job that you really want. If this place won't hire you because of the way you look, then why would you even want to work for such a shallow place?

    In truth, many restaurants and retail stores only hire beautiful people because 1)it makes them look good and 2) customers are more likely to buy more/tip more

  • how fat are u? are you "chubby/cute&curvy" fat (I dnt really consider that fat but some people do)? obviously overweight fat or obese fat? honestly look at the girls who work there and see if you think you would fit in? I have never ate at a place like that so idk. I did work fast food and they used to always want to put me on cashiers so I think looks does play into how you get treated on the workplace if you get hired...but don't let that stop you from applying! apply for the job anyway, ur asking people on the internet the only person who matters is the one who is hiring u. good luck

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