How to get less face oil? ladies may know the answer? or guys?

Now I get a lot of face oil.. If I've washed my face.. after 2 hours it'd be again full of oil.. I hate that greasy shiny look.. I've tried many soaps for my oily skin.. but I couldn't find any proper way to remove it.. I need your help guys


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  • I feel your pain man :(

    Here are some things to try:

    I think as counter intuitive as it may seem you need to moisturize; your skin might be producing excess oil because it's drying out quickly. I recommend Neutrogena oil free moisturiser; it will keep your skin hydrated while appearing matte and feeling light.

    Similarly, if you're using any facial scrubs you should stop because the scrubbing is stimulating your skin to produce more oil. Just use a wash rather than a scrub; again, Neutrogena products are good. Ideally wash using just your hands and the soap too rather than a flannel

    If you're not oppsed to wearing natural looking make-up; Maybelline Baby Skin Primer controls shine well. It has no colour, so if that's all the make-up your masculinity can handle wearing, no-one will be able to tell you have it on

    You can also use face powder though if you want. You should use mineral make-up (ask at the shop) because it's good for your skin

    I really get the urge to just keep washing your face when you're unhappy with it, but 2 hours at a time is probably hindering more than helping. Just washing once in the morning and once at night is fine

    Please don't be too insecure! It's really hard when your skin isn't how you want it but most people have struggled with skin problems at least at some point in our lives; we understand, and get that it isn't your fault. Be kind to yourself <3

    • I can't do all of that Girlish stuff.. But will try for most :P
      Still thankyou a lot for your kind opinion.. MHO! cheers :D

    • Aw thank-you :)

      And good luck :)

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  • Don't wash so much, it's actually not that good for it - your body is just gonna produce more oil to combat the dryness.
    Use an oil free moisturizer - your body's gonna go "oh look! face is moisturized, i dont need to produce more oil!"
    Use a cleanser for oily skin, 1-2 times a day (no more)
    Wash your hair often too, oils in hair can get on your face as well.

  • One of my friends has an oily face and she usually applies a bit of baby powder before she goes out. It usually works for her.

  • I need help too ugh


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