Girls, short or long hair on guys - my example?

Ok. I am a pre-medical student from Slovenia. I have been experimenting with different hairstyles for the past year (from longish to medium length to super short).

Women apparently always advise men to have short hair (as it looks more "clean"), but with me I get told that I should stay with longer hair. What do you girls think? A girl said I look cute/handsome with long hair and just "plain" with shorter hair

Also, I really need advice on a hairstyle (trendy one). Is there any mens hairstyle you would recomend?

As a pre-med student (at least here in Slovenia) I noticed men who are in natural sciences - medicine tend to have slightly longish hair LOL

Girls, short or long hair on guys - my example?
(short hair-april 2015)

(very short hair - march 2015)

(comb over hairstyle - June 2015)

(medium length hair - September 2015)

(longish sorta hair - a week ago)

thanks for your responses :D


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  • I liked pic 3-4 best. Although the first isn t bad, but it makes you look a bit older.
    I don t have any hairstyle in mind :p

    • So you think long-ish sort of hair looks better? :D Lol... why does everyone tell me this. Anyways, I think I look weird in general :P :D haha no hope for me :P

    • Well it looks best on you. And you look just fine to me :)

  • the longer one.. lol..

  • i like the first one...
    and u r slavic... we rule. haha...

    • hahahah? you also? where are you from? we might understand a common language :D
      so you think shorter hair looks better?

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    • and I could understand everything you sad! tudi jaz ti zelim lahko noc :D

    • ďakujem/thanks/in slovakian.

  • I don't see long hair in any of those pics o_o

  • I like the longish one (last picture) the best. I prefer longer hair over shorter any day.


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