Do you prefer ombre or highlights? Why or why not?

so I have been thinking... I wanted highlights or ombre but I couldn't decide. I have really dark dark brown hair and am very aware of the fact that lemon and sun can naturally lighten hair and that it can leave a slightly orange red tinge but somehow I feel I'd want a very light red hue. But I was wondering would random highlights looks better or ombre. Highlights seemed very convenient and pretty but not very noticeable when subtle but ombrere is noticeable. I didn't want to use any chemicals so I just wanted to use lemon for this and I'm unsure which would look better.

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Also this is a slight redish Orange brown hue on dark dark hair...😊


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  • I think an ombre would be better. Highlights can be pretty, but your roots start to show pretty quickly. Ombres are nice because you don't have to worry about your roots if you keep your natural color on the top.


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  • ombre looks nicer in my opinion

  • both are great but I've tried ombre before and i loved it on me. i dont think highlights would suit me but other girls rock them. id say give ombre a go, but because u r 13 u dont want it to be over the top. id go to a caramel brown if i were u. a nice obvious but subtle difference.
    like this
    but possibly a bit darker.

  • I prefer ombre hair because it colors contrast nicely and it's more trendy.

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