Do girls like it if a guy "suits up"?

just wondering. I've never tried it, and it doesn't really work in a college atmosphere, even at the bars


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  • Guys in suits are definitely hot. It makes a man look put together and confident. If you don't want to go all out, dress shirts with vests are totally in right now and can look really sexy. Throw that on with either a nice pair of jeans or dress pants and some nice shoes, and you're all set without bothering with the basic three-piece suit.

    Here's an example if you're unsure what I mean.



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  • yes, but not all the time. But it's fun to dress up and go on a fancy date every so often

    • Well on dates yes, I'm just talking like if I went to like a bar or something or some club. Dates yes

  • nope, too stuffy - reminds me of the office and the office is boring.


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