My ex is obsessed with me?

so my ex is obsessed with me

i see him watching me a lot and he does some weird things to get my attention

we haven't been together for 6 months and I feel like he will never let me go and I don't understand

i may see him everyday, but I barely talk to him

I'm not really into him anymore, and he keeps coming back, and then memories make me think I like him

he told me he was looking at pictures I sent when we were together and he said he wanted some special pictures and he was sending hearts in the texts and everything, said he loved me

he said if I care about him I would send and I felt like I had to, I really didn't want to send him anything, so I sent some lingerie pictures,but he wants pics also in underwear and less and I'm not comfortable sending that and we aren't even together

how do I say no and him not be mad, its not right

i don't know what to do, how can I say no to sending that


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  • You need to tell him up front that you do not have feelings for him. It may hurt, but the longer you drag it on the worse it will hurt him.

    • Im scared he will leak my pictures, and I don't know what to do about the situation

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    • Haha I barely get a chance to talk to my sister, and I don't wanna involve it with school haha

      could you instant message me on here?

    • My IM is down -.- you can private message me if you'd like(:

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