Girls, If a man traded places with you and had to buy clothes what would he find out about shopping as a woman?

You magicly trade body's with a man for a day and he gets to find out what it's like to shop from your perspective! Exactly what dies he find out about shopping as you? Also I think the answers will be different by body type. Also what would you like or dislike about shopping as a man?


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  • He will have a really hard time with shopping for clothes. I am picky on that.

    And, shoes. Omg. He will need to do that online. Much easier to find my size.

    He is going to have the urge to buy everything in the craft /gift section.

    The urge to shop at least once a month.

    Headache after 2-3 hours of shopping.

    Feeling overwhelmed when he won't find what he is looking for. Best to take a shopping partner.

    • Ah that's why women shop in packs... it's a support group... Dnot you get pissed when you see the perfect shoes and the don't have your size? Do you just give up? Some girls seem to almost cry over sizing.

    • Yes, it does pisses me off.
      I give up and try to find a different pair.

      I get stressed if I am spending too much of my time in shopping.

      I don't like shopping with groups/pack, lol.

      I like going with my bro only because he is kind of quick, whereas my sis and her friends take forever.


    • I think it would be really fun to buy some sexy fun flirty clothes just for once. I do like shopping as a guy. But its different guys bodies are different you set yourself up to look more handsome that's why I love wearing suits especially 3 piece. I can't imagine what it'd be like to buy sexy frilly things!

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  • Obsessed with heels, but it's a dilemma between having longer legs and sticking out like a sore thumb since I'm already considered tall in my country (Singapore, I'm 172cm while the average is 150cm)

    He would still be shopping in the men's section cause lots of women's clothes are bullshit. It's impossible to find a plain solid coloured tee without it being low cut or having some tacky print on it. Hence I resort to buying tshirts from the men's section.

    Finding the perfect bag, not too big, not too small, materials to consider bla bla

    I've noticed that women's clothes are usually more expensive. A skirt is $90, a plain tee is $40, the prices are really quite unjustified.

    I imagine shopping as a man would be fuss free since men are mostly limited to only some styles - shirts, trousers, oxfords etc. The downside is also the lack of diversity. I would certainly miss the different cutting styles and materials of women's clothing.

    • I am 180 cm and being tall is good most women like tall guys. It makes it easier to wear a suit because if you tall it maximizes it. Short guys just look like they are wearing dad's clothes. Something sexy when a girl wears my shirts so wearing men's is cool in my book! ;)

  • That is fucking sucks and that's why he needs to buy junk food on the way home. Eat your feelings bro, eat your feelings..