Has feminism and womanism, masculated women, and emasculated men?

questions in title.

women are dressing like men, and men are acting more and more like women (including wearing tight pants)


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  • Who cares who needs who? Its about finding your mate who you respect and admire. Personally I'd hate to be with someone who needed me. I want an independent woman that CHOOSES to be with me. She has more to offer and I feel comfortable knowing she is with me by choice not because she has to be. Also, she's the type of woman that has the same view on man/woman roles in society. I don't wear a man purse and she doesn't wear army boots. I wash the car and take out the garbage and she usually makes dinner. Not saying its right or wrong but it works for us. That's the key...it has to WORK for YOU!


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  • You may be on to something, society's natural balance has defiantly been shaken up, but what's so fun about sticking to tradition? Change is good! Especially when it makes people gender confused.


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  • We men did too good a job when we stepped out of the caves to tame the wild and dangerous world while the women stayed back. Now they've come out of the caves themselves and see that there is no more danger, so they discard us. "We don't need men."

    We loved them. They just used us.

    Avenge us, brothers, before the last of you leaves this wretched realm.

    • Hee hee LAMO that's not entirely true guys do have their uses. Whoops sounds like we do use them lol.

    • There you have it, guys, straight from the horse's mouth. Men, forget what your mothers told you about "respecting women", for they respect you not. Destroy them as you would any devious enemy of justice.

  • Certainly reversing the universal order. I always wonder why lesbians are lesbians and ...gays are gays.