Girls, how do you feel about guys who wear man-thongs?

I wear them, and i think they are super comfy, and they make me feel sexy too. What do you think about guys who wear them?

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If you answered C, could you explain why? I mean, what about it turns you off exactly?


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  • I think a guy can wear any kind of underwear he wants. His confidence in that choice is sexy. I wouldn't mind my guy in some cute briefs or a jockstrap. If that's what you want to wear, wear it. It exhudes confidence and confidence makes a man masculine. Remember, clothing doesn't make the man!


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  • Terrible.

  • I think it's hilarious, especially if he wears something like this:

  • Glad my boyfriend dont , i'm the only one that should be wearing thongs lol.

  • to be honest, I didn't know man thongs were a thing until now. I don't necessarily find it a turnoff, but I definitely wouldn't be as turned on as if the guy was wearing briefs or boxers

    • Why is that? I would've thought that the more skin, the sexier.

    • unless you have like a baseball player bubble butt, guy butts aren't that sexy and I dont really need to see it. Also if you're hooking up with someone for the first time and you take of your pants and I see a brightly colored thong, it kinda gives the vibe that you're like an oversexed cocky guy

  • ew ew ew hairy butt cheeks in a thong

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