Girls, What do you think is the best at-home hair dying brand? Hopefully not outrageous, either?

I can't afford to get it done in a salon but I really want scarlet red hair. Hopefully not something too rough or with unpredictable color.


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  • use henna if you want red hair if your interested ask me anything i henna my hair every two months

    • Ok great thanks!

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    • I have a pixie so that should be easy! Wow, and great price. Like that a lot better than the $120 I would have to pay just for highlights at the hair salon. One more question lol... How do you buy exactly the color you want online? I have a picture of what I want but that's all.

    • how about you send me a link of the color you want. the color you end up with depends on what you put in the mixture before you put the paste in your hair so if you send me a link of the color you want, i will make a formula. and this is very important: do not use metal anything pix the mixture in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon because metal combined with henna will make your hair green.

  • I've been coloring my own hair red for the last six years, and I have the best luck with garnier. I don't have problems with fading at all, but I also have really thick, curly hair that holds color really well.
    Red hair (dyed) is a lot of maintenance as well. In order to fight fade out, and keep it soft, I wash my hair only twice a week and use a deep conditioner once a week.