He caught me looking at him!

There's this guy that sits in front of me, I glanced at the clock and then seen him glance at me. I've always had an eye on him and so I thought this was my chance to check him out so I was scanning him and he looked at me and he caught me. I tried doing it again but he'd look at me. I see him in the halls and I'll see him look at me but I get shy and look ahead. Guys, does he think I'm weird? When he caught me he was kinda holding on to the eye contact. How can I actually start a Convo and be his friend? He's older than me so it's kind of intimidating.


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  • Go up to him and say "hi my name is x what's yours" and start off from there.

    • So does he possibly think I'm weird? He was holding eye contact when he caught me but I looked away.

    • There is nothing weird about what you describe in your post.

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