Cheap clothes shop with quality products?

Question says it all


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  • Primark? I wouldn't say its top quality but their things look wearable.

    • Their clothes are okay. Same boring trends over and over - thanks anyway 😊

    • well another one thats kinda fresh and not that pricey is H&M but you probably know about it already lol

    • Yeah, cute stuff but very hit and miss 😂 I'm still going to shop there

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  • I buy most of my general clothes at TJ Maxx or GAP Outlet when there is a great sale.
    Shoes from Target or DSW.
    Dresses from TJ Maxx, Ross, or clearance racks at Belk's or Dillard's.

    I like looking at the clothes at Charlotte Russe but I have yet to buy anything (except jewelry & scarves) so I can't attest to how well they hold up.
    Two places that I've briefly walked through (can't remember much about prices though so I don't know if they're "cheap") had cute clothes: Garage and Papaya.


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  • In Neverland.

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