Why does he do this? What does it mean?

My guy friend and I use to talk, hang out after school, He use to flirt with me, I didn't respond to him because I knew all he wanted to do is Fuck. And today at lunch he was sitting on the same table I sat and we were two seats away from each other. He faced his back to me like he didn't want me to see he's face or something. And he has a new friend that's a girl (Nothing but a Hoe, f*** Buddy) which kinda gets me jealous and mad. But I now I don't care. But he still looks at me? Like he wanna talk to me. Why does he do this, what does it mean?


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  • He couldn't get what he wanted from you so he moved on. He's probably just looking at what he failed to get.. don't bother yourself with him.


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