What size skinny jeans?

Hey, I'm wanting to buy some skinny jeans, although I don't know how the sizing differs from regular clothes.

I do squats too, so my butt and I guess whole thigh area is a little larger. My normal size for lets say sweat pants is Medium - Large, 34-38" waist.

Thanks to anyone who can help, I really like skin tight clothes and sweat pants are just annoying and get in the way!

Thanks, once again!


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  • It doesn't matter they are skinny jeans, you steel need a medium-large. Though, it depends on the brand. You have to try it on. If there is no muffin top, if you can put 2-3 fingers on the side of you waistband and you can sit or bend your knees comfortably without struggling for breath, If you don't have sagging in the crotch area, then you found the right size.

  • I have to be a 28-32


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