If a guy is facing my direction?

&& every time I raise my head I catch him looking at me or glancing over, does that mean anything? I always say Hi to him, but we aren't close friends. && I messaged him on Facebook asking him a hw question and he said yea, I said alright then :] and he signed off. What's going on here guys?


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  • Well I guess he's trying to figure out what he might feel about you. He might be curiuous to see what this might be or not, give it time.

    • I barely met the guy last semester and he is the shy type, weve only had one convo over Facebook and I say hi to him every time I see him. the glancing just stared yest.

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    • Well he's adorable and I'm sure he can be the entertaining type, I just have to get to know him to the point where he can be comfortable with me. I come off as the outgoing type, so he might be intimidated? && I don't think he's had a girlfriend before. I think he might feel shy since he is a little chubby but so am I sooooo..idk haha

    • Wow lol sounds like something really nice is in the making. Well I hope he does come along, it already seems like it might just work out with a litle effort, good luck ms. ^_^

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