My boyfriend just recently asked me to wear makeup to impress his ex?

we have been together for over a year and I am jeans and tee shirt kinda gal. I wasn't wearing makeup when we met.


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  • To impress him ex? Wow ..What a jerk. He should already think she would be impressed with how you look now. Don't change how you look to please his "EX" girlfriend. If a guy said that to me I would be angry ad upset. You said your a jeans and Tee girl who doesn't like to wear make up , so stay as you were before you met him.

    • Believe me, I did go off. of course he apologized like crazy, but that nite changed everything

    • Yeah its an out of order thing to do. I'd tell me boyfriend to go and lose some weight to impress my ex , so how that one takes him!

  • Maybe he's just curious as to how you would look with it on? You wrote he asked you to do it to impress his ex. That's strange. He should love you the way you are and not care what others think. I'm 49 and look great without makeup. I look in my 30's. I think the more makeup, the older you look. More is less at our age group. Tell him you'll put on makeup to impress his ex if he will wear an Armani suit to impress yours...see what he says. LOL!

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