Honestly which style do you prefer?

Indie, rocker, preppy, normal, artsy, stylish etc


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  • i think normal and stylish are not styles first off, but I think I prefer a mixture of them, like I think it depends on the personality and person sporting these styles, I myself am like indie/artsy/preppy kind of person, but the one thing I cannot stand is like pajama bottoms, that are clearly pajama bottoms, I am not talking shorts I mean like fleece print pants, ew. and the other thing is I have a pet peeve about wearing two brand names together, I am not saying that everything you wear has to be one brand but you shouldn't have a sweatshirt that clearly says "aero" on the arm and then under that have a t-shirt that says "hollister" or something like that. it really bothers me, just dont. but yes this was a bit extensive, but w/e. :)


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  • Artsy/stylish, I like girly girls.

  • Indie/Stylish

    Stylish as in isn't afraid to wear a dress and remember she's a lady

    Indie as in she isn't afraid to wear jeans and be comfortable.

    I live in kansas...there are no ladies here that aren't in jeans 98% of the time. IT KILLS ME, ladies if you got, flaunt it (tastefully)

  • Artish-indie's my fav


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