Are Dr. Martens boots a good choice for traveling to the UK in the winter?

I will be traveling to the UK in a couple months, and am putting some thought into my choice of footwear. I expect to be doing a lot of walking, and of course the weather is, as I've heard, cold and rainy. Dr. Martens 1460 boots are a love of mine, but I have never worn them in "harsher" weather or through distance.

Thoughts? Would there be a difference in rain resistence between the patent leather, smooth, soft, or vegan models?


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  • I'm not sure about how the leather finish would compare but I would say yes the boots are a good choice for the UK in Nov/Dec. I always wear boots when I'm home that time of year.


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  • As they are made today - Dr Martens are terrible!
    If I went back 10 years they'd be perfectly made again.

    But I see no reason they shouldn't be great in the rain and/or snow.