Girls, Pink thong or booty shorts under a shirt skirt for halloween? I'm dressing up as a girl ;) ?

Also, should I shave the legs too?


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  • Honestly I would wear booty shorts or normal underwear under a shirt skirt for halloween! I wouldn't go as far as shaving your legs, if you're a straight cis male, it's better that way with hairy legs and would add more character to your costume.

    • Okay good !! I don't feel like shaving anyway lol.. my female friend has a pair of lacy panties she wants me to wear... I'm a little nervous and excited to try something new :)

  • Pink thong

    • Just found out I'll be wearing "thong-like" panties ;)
      What do they feel like to walk in I've always been curious?

    • Enjoy they feel erotic the first time you wear them

    • Lol, well thankyou :) can't wait to try !!