I'm a grade 1 teacher and have to dress as a "winter sport" to school for my kids for Halloween. Any ideas?

All the women teacher are winter sports and the guy teachers are summer sports lol. Anyway, any thoughts? Thanks all!
I guess I should say "winter sport participant" not the sport itself!


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  • why? shouldn't y'all be ghosts or something? anyways, put on a dress, glitter and shit, get your hair did (nails did, errythin did) and be a figure skater.

    • I think they are promoting good health or something...

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  • winter sports? not very halloweeny lol.

    is it scary winter sports, or just winter sports?

    • just winter sports, they are just little kids haha

    • thats a shame, i had some cool ideas for scary winter themed costumes.

      this site has a list of winter sports if it helps at all

      unfortunately its all snowboarding, skiing and hockey etc. pretty unimaginative.

      If it were me, i would go as a skiing skeleton or something. its Halloween, you need to be a little creepy :p

      how old are 1st graders? I'm from the UK so have no idea, but im guessing they're about 4-5? they're old enough to handle a skiing skeleton haha

    • They are actually 6-7... ok hmmm skiing skeleton... I like that! I'll see what I can think of

  • Strap one of those bicycle flags to you and you're a part of a slolom course


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