Why am I feeling so tearful and helpless? any suggestions to feel better?

I understand that I cannot overcome this over night, any suggestions?


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  • first off I hate to ask since I hate it when people ask me this and I'm emotional but... are you do for your period? I always get weepy and teary eyed/feeling helpless and just emotional about a week before my period comes. The people around me will see it to and leave me alone.

    Also are you eating differently? Any new stress in your life? Any reasons as to why your hormones may be higher than usual?

    Try and figure it out by asking questions. I hope you feel better! It sucks being sad... be happy! You deserve it!

    • NO...it's not time of month!!!

    • I know sorry to ask I was afraid to because I hate it when people ask but then I'm proven wrong like the next day.


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