How to get rid of frizz?

I have really dry and frizzy hair, how do I get rid of all the frizz?

My hairs not super curly but it dose have curls.

Any advice on how to tam the frizz?


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  • My hair usually frizzes bad in the humidity or the rain. I use defrizz gel. If you have the money for it I would see about buying a product called "its a 10". It's a bit expensive but it works like a dream. And for the dryness, maybe a hot oil treatment?


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  • I have dry and frizzy wavy hair. Coconut oil is my very best friend. A little goes a long way and it makes my hair so soft c:

  • How often do you wash your hair and with what? How often do you condition? Do you use straighteners/curlers etc

    • I wash and condition my hair once a week, and I use a leave in conditioner sometimes too.

      I don't use any heat tools on my hair.

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    • How do you do that?
      I'm kinda new to the site...

    • You'd need to post it somewhere else than copy and paste the link. Like imgur or postimage

  • Have you tried using a curl control mousse? I've heard that it helps!

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