Guys, Now that summer is on its way what do you like better on girls short skirts or short tight shorts? Girls which do you prefer to wear?

The weather is fast warming up. There are lots of really summer like days at the moment. Soon we will be in summer. So what is your favourite on girls short skirts or short tight shorts.

  • Short skirts.
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  • Short tight shorts.
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  • The rest of the world is gonna welcome winter soon lol.

    But I'd always wear shorts (not short shorts, just shorts), sometimes skirt too but it's not that short either. I hate wearing mini skirts.

    • Haha no, the rest of the northern hemisphere is going to welcome winter soon not the rest of the world and I already knew that anyway. lol

      It seems more girls prefer to wear the short than the shirks anyway. I guess thinking about it I think I do see more girls wearing short shorts in summer than short shirks.

    • Shorts are already short lol they don't have to be "short" shorts. And yeah, I know it's the northern hemisphere lol but it's more like the rest of the world to me cause I don't have much friends living in the southern hemisphere.

    • That was just the word I used to describe them. I know shorts are short I meant that some are much shorter than others. hahaha. Oh ok yeah well it is no surprise most people you now are in the northern hemisphere. I was just pointing out that even though most countries are in the northern hemisphere there are also a reasonable number in the southern to. LOL

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  • I like knee high flowly skirts. I've never really liked the tight dress's, but tight skirts... only for business type wear


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  • I like to look at a woman nice figure. They are like a perfect drawing.

    • Which do you prefer though on a woman?

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    • Yea while I shop around. I'm not into strip clubs so I just look while I'm out

    • Oh yes there are many women's legs and ass in these shorts and jeans that make me horny LOL