Girls, Are there any girls out there wearing nylons or stockings today?


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  • Just about every day. I work in a business office, so it's expected to dress professionally. Got a thing for nylons, eh?

    • Yea, is that weird?

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    • Okay, now you're just trying to hurt me! Lol. Sounds like you look amazing. I don't necessarily have a preference, however, if she wears nylons or pantyhose... Without panties drives me crazy. Especially if she becomes excited if you know what I mean.

    • You poor thing, so sorry for hurting you, but I'm sure that you can think of a good way to relieve the hurting! I mostly wear pantyhose every day, but today was a little warmer, so I thought of wearing thigh high stockings for comfort and to just change things up a bit. Sounds like you could use a footjob! Ever wear nylons, yourself? I love how silky they feel, especially after I've just shaved my legs.

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  • I'm wearing leggings with tall socks under my jeans does that count?

    • As much as it sounds like you probably look great, no, it doesn't count. :)

  • Nope. I'm just wearing a towel. Hanging on the couch. Home alone.

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