What style of clothing can turn a girl on?

also, I am overweight, so what do you think would suit me?

i wanna look good in front of a very good looking girl, so I need suggestions...i would be highly obliged if girls would answer me...


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  • I'm really not trying to be ugly, but a gym membership would be a better investment than buying stylish clothes. You don't have to be ripped with six pack abs. Exercise and a healthy diet will help you drop a few pounds. You'll have more energy and more confidence. Girls respond to the energy and confidence not so much stylish clothing.

    Moreover, dropping a few pound will force you to buy new clothes; your old clothes will be too big. You'll look a lot better in your "thin clothes." Best of Luck

    • Thnx...it really worked

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  • I agree. jeans and a nice shirt are always a safe bet. Remember, shoes are very important. make sure they're clean!

    • Will track shoes do?? or just sandals? or formal ones

    • They will be fine. like I said, as long as they are clean and neat. believe it or not a lot of girls will judge you (not in a bad way) on how well you keep your shoes. if I'm appraching a guy that had disgusting shoes its a safe bet to think his car and home will be the same. its just gives a good impression is all.

    • K...thanx a lot.

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  • Buy clothes that fit you well and that you feel comfortable in. A cute girl is cute girl if she's in a prom dress or t-shirt. The same applies to men. If you haven't developed you own taste or style, denim jeans and a plain t-shirt or a button down tee is a pretty safe choice.

  • OK I might catch a lot of flack on this but I'll say it anyway because I don't, in general, give a sh*t about what people think about me: Loose the frickin' weight! You need to hear it! It'll do you good, trust me! Think about being overweight as a disease! Because, guess what, it is! Put a comment in here if you want to know how! I can help you.

    Bottom line is, if you have a reasonably good body, you don't have to worry too much about what to wear because they will make you look good regardless. Remember Al Bundy's quote: "Honey, it is not the dress that makes you look fat, it is the fat that makes you look fat!"

    • U are speaking a lot of sense thnx

  • Dark denim, a t-shirt and a neat sporty jacket, keep it open.