Any Halloween costume ideas?

My school is having a Halloween dance, and I'm really excited for it! The only problem is I don't know what to dress up as (please no angel or devil... most overused costumes.) I really want to look cute, but my school isn't letting people in who have sluttier costumes. I am okay with DIY, or going to like a Halloween store. I'm a teenage girl if you didn't already realize that haha.


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  • - cowgirl
    - hippie
    - nerd
    - Minnie Mouse
    - cat
    - vampire
    - pirate
    - 1950s woman -- wear poodle skirt
    - Alice in Wonderland
    - Snow White
    - Bat Woman
    - Little Red Riding Hood

  • I'm assuming a cat is out of the question then? haha

    The past two years I did DIY outfits:
    -White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (my friends did a group Alice thing): white sweater, red velvet skirt, black leggings, black flats, red "infinity" scarf, bunny ears, and a red bow clipped to the ears
    -50s girl: black long sleeves leotard, felt poodle skirt, black flats

    and then the year before that I had a store bought Minnie costume that I wore with black tights & black flats.

    I guess go through your closet and pick clothes that you like/look cute in and think about how you could accessorize them into a character or something for Halloween.

  • ♥ Disney Princess (I like Merida and Rapunzelthe best)
    ♥ Comic book character
    ♥ Alice in Wonderland
    ♥ Tinkerbell
    ♥ Ballerina
    ♥ Pikachu

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