Girls, Vampire Diaries- Elena Halloween Outfit?

Ok so i'm gonna be Elena from TVD for Halloween, my friend is being Elena too ( ok so she's black and she said since I have black hair I should be bonnie and NOTE: I have dark brown hair and i'm WHITE like Elena not BLACK like Bonnie!! ) So I don't have the heart to fight with her about it (grr) and my other friend is being caroline. I think I might wear a button up shirt (maybe a henley top) and jeans with lace up booties. Any other ideas and do you guys know any shops where I can get stuff that looks similar to her style? If you've never watched TVD 1. WATCH IT!!! and 2. Just search "Vampire Diaries Elena outfits" on Google or whatever. Thanks! :)


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  • Hey.. don't know about the clothes but you could put waves in your hair and do a red streak like Elena did when she switched off her emotions... just a thought...

    • I never thought about that!! My hair is like hers exactly: long, straight, and brown just a bit darker so I could totally pull that off. Thanks :))