How do you get your eyeliner to look like this?


I try, but it looks terrible, haha

I guess I need to let it be known I wouldn't do this everyday, its just for a one time deal, but I don't wanna go and it look bad, cause I don't usually even wear eyeliner on my waterline, let alone that thick.


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  • Why would you want to do that to your face? I think it looks repulsing. Really find other ways to express yourself..

    • Its for a party....meanie... :P

    • In that case it's ok. It's going to look weird when you do it, because you're not used to wearing it like that. Anytime you change your makeup it's gonna look a little off. If you're really having trouble ask a girlfriend to help you, or go to your local salon and have a professional show you how to apply it correctly.