Girls, What is the difference between a leggings & a yoga pant? It is both same? what type of leggings/yoga pant do you wear?

What kind of leggings /yoga pant cloth do you pefer. DO you perfer cotton, nylon, polyester or any other type.


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  • They're basically the same, I think... I guess if there's a difference, it's that leggings are generally more comfortable, they're made of a slightly different, slightly stretchier fabric and aren't quite as skin tight. They're designed to be worn casually. Yoga pants are made a little like... Kinda fleecy material that's designed for you to do yoga in. It's comfortable, but it's not designed to be worn just for walking around. They also tend to be a little tighter, in my experience. But essentially, they're the same thing. I wear leggings.

    • what kind of leggings cloth do you pefer

    • I'm not really sure what mine are made of. I think they're some kind of material blend.

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  • Isn't yoga pants a lot stretchier and made in a airier fabric? Leggins often tend to be out of wool.