Girls, have you ever tried epilator device for your bikini area?

I've heard that epilators can remove the smallest hair on the bikini area without any kind of ingrown hair and red bumps as long as you use it correctly. It also makes bikini area smooth and white. Is this information really true? Have you ever tried epilator device for your bikini area before? Your advices are so important for me... Thanks...


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  • never tried it, i prefer waxing. but some of my friends are using epilators and some like it and are satisfied with it and some don't - cuz they don't use the same brand. you buy better, high quality one and you'll get better results :D

    • Hmm so, which brand do you generally prefer me? :) I've already waxed my pubic area in normal times :)

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    • Ahh thanks for your advices. I want to buy braun silk epil 7 which works under the water and during the shower perfectly. Philips is also reputable brand among others... How does epilator remove your leg hair? Does it cause ingrown hair and red bumps? Have you ever used it for your underarms and elsewhere?

    • nope only on my legs.. it's better than to use a razor, but not better than waxing lol

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