Girls what do you look for in a man physically?

also out of the things you which ones are a must have, and others are just a bonus feature?


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  • i like guys that are taller than me, mascular, and have a sexy smile

    neat nails, and a fine hair cut is important.

    he must look well kept, and not shabby

    and sexy eyes------definately


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  • For me...Must haves include...

    -Hair that is taken care of. It doesn't matter what style. If it's washed and not dyed a trillion colors it'll be cute.

    -Attractive teeth. If they're somewhat white and not completely yellow and stained, it won't matter how crooked they are.

    -Cute eyes.

    -His body is normal to a little chubby. I'd rather have a cute guy with a little fat than someone who is completely built and rough to the core.

    -His nose.

    -No facial hair.

    -At the same height or taller than me.

    Bonus features include...

    -Natural black or dark brown hair

    -Green or Hazel eyes

    -Smells amazing.

    -Soft hands.

    Obviously if a guy is a complete jerk and his personality sucks, none of these things would matter :]

  • A guy for me personally has to have his looks put together.

    He can be the ugliest person on Earth to other people but to me his physical attributes will go perfectly if this guy has a good personality!

    Must haves are having pretty eyes! I don't care what color...

    I love it when a guy is just comfy. As in NOT RIPPED. That's a total turn off for me!

    Everything else from there is a plus!

  • Height is my number one thing. If he's not taller than me, I won't give him a second look

    • Same here... height is number one, cause seeinga 5-10 girl and going out with a 5-7 guy is not the pretiest sight in the world

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    • Well mmers23 taller men tend to be more confident and masculine, because well they can lol. Shorter men who spent lots of time looking up to people aren't nearly as confident and masculine as a man who spent years of looking down at people.

    • Setcheck, that is generally true but there are short guys who have lots of confidence, a guy on my team has too much confidence for someone who is like 5'6 pretty full of himself too, but he does get with the girls he wants.

  • Must have :He has to be tall (at least taller than me).

    Bonus: Muscles, pretty color eyes, perfect teeth.

  • I like a guy who is tall and has broad shoulders. I feel protected and secure, especially when they are tall...Also a deep voice doesn't hurt

  • I like guys that are really tall. Like 6'5 or so. I like them built bigger too. Blond hair and brown eyes are also a plus, but not needed.


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