Guys, at what age did your beard become "full"?

im 19 and i get this wispy and patchy beard. im really hoping it fills in when i get up around 20 or 21 but im not sure if i have "passed the point of no return" for a full beard. its embarrassing as a 19 year old when you see 17 year old guys rocking the gandalf beard and you can't grow some decent looking stubble :/


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  • Maybe you're just not capable of growing a fuller beard. ;/

    • thats what im scared of :/

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  • With the time I belive your beard will grow bigger, but there's no right age for that. Maybe your beard will never be full, unfortunately. But I partially know how you feel, my beard isn't so full despite I can grow it, my brother is 18 and is beard is bigger than mine.

    • its even worse that beards are in style now :/ my beard will grow but its like and old Asian guys beard. it grows really long, straight and thin :/

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    • sadly the Canadian dollar isint worth much right now hahaha

    • Well, I bet it's better than the Brazilian Real, so it's worth a try xD