Dressing down for every occassion in California?

Every Christmas Eve I go to a party at my dentists office in Newport Beach, (Balboa Island) and for the last two years I have worn a tuxedo. If you are familiar with Balboa Island, it is one of the high end areas in Southern California, and if there is anywhere or any time a Tux would be appropriate, this mansion on the beach would be it.

Many came in jeans, and one guy I have to call a 'bozo' came in scrufty shorts and a Tee-shirt. I almost spilled my wine when I saw it...In all fairness, the host does not dress formally or even in a dinner jacket, but the hostess, does dress well and the daughter wore a black evening dress and heels.

Where you live, what would be the "standard" or acceptable dress for such an event...Christmas Eve, at a two story mansion ?



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  • i live in newport...a few minutes from there...and understand your point about a party in an affluent neighborhood...however Balboa is a pretty casual beach town, and although it's a mansion [read: large beach house] I would still think there is a level of casual-ness to be associated with social events there. I have a few friends there and I haven't seen many people dress in anything more than "resort wear" year round...

    Now, considering it was the holiday, I would have assumed a step up in dressing, such as a nice shirt/slacks in lighter fabric, or some in a suit...however a tux is "black tie", and very formal.

    I think a guy in a tux looks great, but your host should have stated on the invitation that it is "black tie" or "black tie optional" which indicates more semi-formal attire.

    If it was an email invitation, or word of mouth invitation, that signals less formality to me, and thus would reflect in one's dress.

    I would respect the host and at least wear a nice suit or cocktail dress or "dressy" shirt with heels to a party like that...would never show up in shorts unless it's a daytime picnic on the sand. That bozo was just tacky!

    Just a thought.



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  • Gotta love the west coast. Formal? what's that.

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