Yo how do y'all do your eyebrows so well?

I've been seeing some eyebrows on here that look so damn fly it's crazy. Do you shape them on your own? Get them plucked? And like, how? Do you do that credit card trick or have the stencil thing?


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  • I personally pluck my eyebrows. But i used to go to a salon where i got them plucked and after a while i just started plucking the hair which grew around my eyebrows myself. I don't like having them plucked by someone else because they always ruin the shape.

    • Do they do like, shaping and stuff? At salons?

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    • LOL I DID ASK A FRIEND. She told me I deserve it and my other friends are guys that are no help. I want to go to a salon but don't want to pay them money for a consultation. I'm still gonna try different sites though first and see if I chance upon a solution.

    • Thanks though.

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  • I don't fix/pluck my eyebrows. I'm glad it's one of the few things I don't have to worry about.

    • They just grow out like that? Lucky. Mine grow out everywhere. Like scraggly weeds.

    • Yes haha x) It's weird everybody thinks that I do them but I don't :p

  • I do it at a beauty parlor

    It's easier for me

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