(For a guy with thick hair) Whats a good styling product with all these?

I have thick hair. Im guessing im asking for too much but which Styling product has

-Matte finish/ No shine/ Natural look
-Good Texture
-Good hold
-BUT leaves hair with a soft or good touch

I like my hair in a short spikey and messy style but im basically looking for a product that still leaves the hair soft and flexible. One you can still run your fingers through. I just think a product with a good hold and no shine can't feel soft. Am i wrong. Does it exist?


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  • -TIGI B for men matte separation wax $33.00
    -Evo casual act moulding paste $32.95 <-- light hold on this one
    -Evo Cassius cusy clay $32.95 <-- good hold on this one

    Yeah they exist. You might want the Evo Cassius cusy clay one, as that one will allow you to fix it up during the day, with no issue, matte finish, alright texture, soft to touch.


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  • Honestly, I don't think such product exists. I think hair products usually manage to leave hair greasy or they make the hair look quite unnatural looking.
    I'd recommend you to stay away from them.


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  • Gasby is my choice and no hairdresser has ever said my hair is thin. always too thick.

  • doesn't work, my hair is natural like that every gel shit i use makes my hair hard

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