What should I wear to the bar on Halloween night?

i'm not really sure what to wear , i'm sort of at that awkward age of 30 , mean your not going to a wild college party but still want to go out for the night and realise its Halloween and others will be dressed up or at least dressed nice. was really busy with work this week and didn't have any time to think about this and in my town there isn't like any stores that specifically sell Halloween stuff like they have in city , now its Friday and i'm like?


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  • My suggestion would have been a costume shop but there doesn't seem to be one in your city - Since it is last minute it is a toughie, do you or anyone you know do anything out of the ordinary that requires some specific clothes that would make it look like you made an effort to dress up.

    • no there is no costume or Halloween stores around here , I think in some of the bigger cities there might be a few on the major streets , Halloween isn't that big around here to justify such a store. there is some second hand stores that might have something but somehow doubt they'd have much by now