OK so I watch some youtube makeup gurus and lots of them say they love NARS and its comparable to the makeup forever hd foundation.

i have the foundation and I need some more so I was gonna go to sephora today to get some

but I was just wondering if anyone has the NARS sheer glow foundation or any of their foundation powders.

because I can't decided if I want a liquid or a powder.

so if anyone uses those products or knows about them, help me decided (:


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  • havent really tried their foundation, I have tried their lip liners, they are great and they have very great soft looking colors

    but for the foundation I always stick with the hd foundation, its coverage is flawless and its long wearing and bottle actually stays for a while.

    all of my girlfriends use the hd as well, and doesn't mean it work for others it will work for you too

  • these products are great. I use the glow foundation and a few other items as well and they are awesome. I use the powder cause although the liquid gives great coverage ur face will end up looking shiny. in all my pics I'm wearing the powder. if you want really good coverage use a little liquid and finish it off with light powder on the top and you won't have a shiny, oily look but you'll look clean and flawless..hope this helps, if not message me..

    • Thanks! I bought I thought cause a lot of youtube people always talk about it. but I don't understand what's so great about it? it doesn't give me coverage at all. its realllly liquidy even after I shake it. I think I should get the powder instead.

    • Are you sure? maybe yours isn't good cause the one I bought works fine..