What we need vs what we want?

some school of thought strongly believe whatever we wear represent who we really are and have an effect on our popularity , how true is this theory?


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  • The title is not relevant to what you're asking.
    And I disagree. Some people dress in a way that doesn't represent their personality.


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  • I definitely agree with that theory that what people wear mostly is a fashion statement rather than a necessity just go out on a cold Saturday night and see what the girls are wearing, nine times out of ten it is worn because it looks nice as opposed to keeping wearer warm - That said in everyday wear most tend to be more practical but there are still anomalies - high heels or ties etc.

    • Hey thanks for your calm opinion on this

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  • I believe its an expression of who we are but I couldn't care less about popularity

    • Guess there's also room for popularity?

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    • How so?

    • Its the person that determines popularity not what they wear