How would you define my style?

I've always been into fashion but i've never been sure about what my style is exactly. It's like i have 2 completely different tastes but at the same time they somehow go together. im kind of girly and kind of tomboyish.
i keep my hair long and get it dyed blond monthly, i keep my nails long and always paint them, i love makeup. and i love heels. im the type that always gets asked for beauty advice.
but then i dont care too much for dresses unless its a really special occassion, i haate purses like i'd sooner just carry my wallet in my hand then carry a purse, i love sneakers (mostly jordans and nikes), i like dressing in darker colors and my favorite piece of clothing is my black leather jacket. paired with leggings or sweats. i love gold jewelry and my favorite sport is hockey so if anything looks hockey related, im going to get it. and i like clothes that show off my body because i love to work out and show it off but nothing too provocative.
so what do you all think?


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  • Hard to tell without pictures. But I'd say something urban/new hip hop-ish.


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  • I agree with Maria - It sounds like you have a casual everyday look but with enough fashionable touches to be ready to go out at short notice. A lot of girls tend to be like this, from the sounds of it as Maria says your everyday look is urban/new hip hop-ish and your going out fashion is bit girly.


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