Heatless curls for long hair?

My hair is black, long, and to my butt. Its also easily tangled. I'm like so jealous of girls with big curly hair and I would love to get that look. Without heat. Any ideas on how to? Thanks =)


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  • ok i have a suggestion lol. i've tried this before with straight hair and i liked it lol! it might sound a little silly but it works for me.

    1. detangle ur hair.

    2. divide ur hair into as many parts as u like. depends on how much curl u want. what you're going to do is put all those pieces into a TIGHT bun. u have to make sure it's tight, but obviously not too tight. you should look like u have a number of little buns on ur head lol.

    3. gather all the buns together and tie them up. so u have a big bun that's made of little buns :P

    4. a bit of hairspray. not too much.

    5. give it a few hours. i usually like to sleep on it just because the time passes quicker.

    6. take it all out! :) should be having some mediumish curls depending on how many buns u did at the start

    7. style it up, a liiiiitttle more hairspray and done! :)

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