Is weird if a guy likes to wear panties?

Im not gay by the way. I like girls but the fabric of womens underwear is so soft and feels so good on my jewels! I dont like wearing the lace or anything to girly but i like the color and designs too cause its colorful unlike guys boring colors and makes me feel so sexy. I wear boyshorts, and bikini breifs. I dont want to come across as weird or gay for wearing it though! If i wore panties that looks more guyish like calvin kleins boyshorts for women. Is it ok for a guy to wear it and would you judge if i didn't know you and told you i was wearing panties but its kinda hard to notice since it has a appearence of guys underwear.

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  • it's even more weird that you ask this question incessantly


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  • Yeah , it is very weird. And by the way do you know a guy like that?

    • No but i know there's many guys out there that do and im not alone but it looks like guys underwear if anyone notice when my underwear shows if my shirt lifts

    • Uhhhhhh...

  • Very weird.


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