Ladies, what type of style do you like on a guy?

what types of clothes do you find attractive on a guy? does it even matter how he dresses


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  • Yes, it matters how you dress!

    First of all, there are the obvious aesthetic reasons. Girls like a guy who looks good in his clothes. That doesn't mean you have to be a male model, strutting it in designer gear, and accessorized to the nines (for many of us, that's a turn-off). Choose a style that suits your personality - if necessary, go shopping off-peak, and ask attendants in a good store for advice. You don't need wardrobes full of clothes - a few, well-chosen items will go a long, long way.

    However, beyond that, there are other reasons we like a guy who dresses nicely. Most of all, it tells us he can handle himself. A guy in nice, clean clothes looks like he has a life that's in proportion. He doesn't spend so much time playing computer games/fixing his bike/collecting records that he neglects his appearance.

    It also tells us he has a certain amount of independence, and that he knows how to use a washing machine and is organized enough to make sure he has enough time to shave in the morning! The guy looking for a girlfriend to be his surrogate mother = EWWW!

    Finally, it signals that he is not the kind of whiny, annoying guy who wears shoes till they fall apart and then complains about having to go shopping for more because it's depriving him of time with his Wii. No-one wants to put up with childish temper tantrums about such things, and girls do not want to nag!

    I hope this makes sense. x


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  • For some reason I don't like the velcro strap sandals on men, but other than that, I like any style on a guy, just as long as you can rock it.

  • Yeah it definitely matters. I personally like guys who dress smart- Jeans or chinos with nice lambswool or cashmere jumpers, a nice jacket and some classic tan loafers. I think that scarves and those leather bracelets look great, and a nice watch. Overall a guy that looks smart, stylish and can take care of himself. It's important to dress for the occasion. If you're just at home, some Abercrombie sweats and a nice t-shirt is fine, but if you're out its nice to dress up a little bit, and if you're going for an expensive dinner or to meet the parents, then a well-tailored suit.

  • Um as long as there not toally bummy anything is fine clothes don't matter its the person. Lol But what I think looks hot on a guy is a nice cap jeans and a t shirt like simply But if I like the guy they will look hot in anything


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