How can I get my boyfriend more active and understanding?

looks are not a big thing for me, but I'm the type of person who loves to be out side and work out and do things and my boyfriend is active. but can't quiet keep up with me. he tells me he wants to be fat and hairy. which yes is funny... for a while until it gets to the point where it becomes repulsive. I really love who he is. but he always thinks he's right and I really want to help him, I think it could be a huge confident booster, he even rejects to any ideas I have for him in any manner. which is understandable. but it would be nice. besides have you ever seen a record long nipple hair? I have. and I never ever want to see one again. how can I encourage him!?


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  • Us guys need incentive to exercise. For me putting on weight would be a huge incentive to do s, as is losing my upper body shape, but I just don't have the motabolism to put on weight (e.g. I'm too lazy to eat too much ;)). So I find I need other incentives.

    One incentive is pleasure another is pain (i'm not taking S&M here lol). I have currently, every so often, a emotioanl pain based motivation for exercise, transfering that pain into physical pain from strenuus exercise helps me function / keep going as I try to deal with my own love life.

    Anyway, the best incentive is of course something we really want and can't get by ourselves (I'm sure you can think of something). It has to be something special of course, dig a little into the kinds of things he really likes when you two are together (it can be anything). Possibly tell him him exercising really turns you on (if that's true), if he ever excercise voluentarily, after "show him your appriciation" in some way he's going to remember and would not normally get. Dog and bone as they say ;).

    I always found it particularly sexy when a woman looks at me with huge sexual desire after I've been just been working out. It really makes me think, hey, this is cool (it feels like a reward). There is something about love making and excercise that can go really well together, the important thing is to build the association in your partners mind of how they really go well together and the exercise enhances things. It might even work too well ;).

    oh and ewwww... hair (in the way you describe). Spare us lol.

    • Its gross hey?? .. but anyways. thank you so much your really helped me! and thank you for putting so much effort into this reply :)

    • Your welcome :).

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