Ladies & Girls, How will decide what dress to wear for a day?

Ladies & girls how will decide what dress to wear for a day. Do you select the dress depends on mood.


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  • With me it's a bit more complicated.
    If I'm feeling down I'll pick darker colours
    If I'm happy a little brighter so mood definitely plays a role.
    I like to plan the day before usually gets me prepared I have a few go-to items I'll always have ready in case the weather was not as expected.
    But really it depends on the occasion I can't show up to something looking too dull or too dressed up. On the day I'll always pick out two pairs of shoes and carry a spare pair with me. I like to be super organised (more goes into it but you probably don't want to hear it ) .. :)


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  • Yes, I choose my dress according to three factors

  • Depends on the place and my mood that day.

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