Anyone else think Legion looks like a good movie?

Ive wanted to see it since I saw the trailer its looks pretty cool, anyone else looking forward to seeing it this Friday?


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  • At first when I saw the trailer I wasn't that excited about it. It seemed kinda horrorish which really isn't my cup of tea. However the movie has been growing on me and I actually told my husband the other day that I wanted to go see it. I did a little research online about the plot and it looks pretty interesting actually. I am looking forward to going and seeing it. What is even better - in my area the AMC built some theaters that have waiters and waitresses and they serve food and beer! Now I can actually get my hubby out to the movies :)

    • Yea, I'm not the type to go see a movie to jsut see stuff get shot at or blown up, the plot is what go me 2

    • O yea and Fork and screen is awesome 2

    • Yep - I LOVE fork and screen and the food is actually pretty good and reasonably priced :) After you see the movie let me know what you think :)

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