Where are all the skirt and dress questions, ha!

I'm a guy who likes girls who wear them most of the time. but all I ever see are jeans and shorts...and hair questions, its getting old


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  • well...the thing is:

    the only guys I met and who liked dresses & skirts were players or jerks

    and all the nice guys seemed to be more interested in the jeans & sweater kind of girls.

    so I don't know,. they might have changed their style 'cause they're tired of attracting the wrong type of people

    just my opinion :)

    • Skirt chasers is what we call them...theyre only after one thing. easy access means you're willing to give "it" up easily. its a shame, but that's just how it is

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    • Yea but they're still bad. :( haha

    • In a sense yes...in a sense no

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  • I always wear skirts and dresses! I love them and they're so cute. Not only sluts wear them =( I'm a virgin

  • i loveeee skirts, basically that's all I wear..i really don't like pants


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  • dude have you ever been to europe? cause that's all you will see!

    skirts and dresses everywhere!

    • Nah. dude. I am planning on visiting though sometime, israel (im jewish) italy (im italian) russia (im russian) and france (since french is the language of love and a lot of french girls wear that kind of stuff)

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    • Hahaha I live in europe ;P

      french girls? their style is pretty conservative. plus the only colors they know are gray black and white.

      italian girls have style, definitely! its my fav place to go shopping too :)

      and spanish girls dress like cheap sluts.

    • Then I wish I lived in europe :)