How do I find a gem in a sausage town?

Bejesus Hell! Guys in my city outnumber the girls 3 to 1. How do I stand out from the crowd? It seems like every girl I approach just views me as 'another' guy and not 'the' guy. I need some combat tactics to dodge all this sausage infested nuthouse so she sees I'm the one.

P.S. Also there aren't many activities I can provide for potentials? Any suggestions?


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  • From what I've read so far, it sounds like you are going for girls and not one particular girl. I can tell you what most average girls would appreciate and see you differently from others.

    A) Always

    B) Be

    C) Closing

    Just Kidding! Here we go:

    1) Be sincere and show interest in what she does. Ask questions about her school or work and what she does. Let her talk a little.

    2) Under no circumstances, do not brag about stuff such as cars, house, work, or other possessions. This is a huge turn off for many of us.

    3) Pay attention to her style, complement her in a way that she can see you are not just into her physically, without sounding fake about it.

    4) If you ask her out, please pay for the meal (not that you don't, but my friend was asked out and the guy took money from her when the check came... enough said).

    5) Do not be afraid to show your sensitive side. It melts my heart when a guy likes something soft and admits it. My boyfriend likes the movie "Notebook" - the chick flick/tear jerker. That's not the reason I fell for him, but it is a big part of it. ;)

    6) Last but not least, visual and sense of smell are important. You don't have to be all designer suited up, but your clothes should be neat, and you should smell nice. Not too much cologne but just a hint of it. I personally love Bulgari's Aqua for men.

    Try these things for the win and see where it takes you.

    Good Luck!


    • I'm pretty sincere. I was brought up to respect people. I don't brag, I always feel icky when I do. I can talk sh*t though. But that's fun. I'll pay for a meal if I say I'm shouting. I wouldn't pay all the time. I ain't rich. I do have a sensitive side but I don't tell girls this stuff because I always felt kind of wimpy. I do like 'The Notebook' though it's a love story like no other. And I dress pretty cool too, I have 3 sisters to help. I'll try to go another level with your advice! Thanks!

    • Nice! Then you should do pretty well. :)

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  • You sound very witty and optimistic. Just let your natural personality shine. A lot of guys resort to showing off or acting like complete idiots with their antics to get a girl's attention in such situations. My advice: spy a girl and wait for the meatheads to try their approach ... pay attention to her body language. If you see her with that "I'm not interested, please go away" look on her face while talking to the show offs and idiots, you know she is primed for a man with some skills to step in. Wait a bit until she is alone again and say something casual and humourous. Don't immediately try to score her digits or undivided attention. Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with her looks or dating or hooking up. You'll look way less desperate and more like a man with substance that she might actually want to meet. The thing with women is, if we know you're interested we don't mind doing some pursuing.

    • That's really good advice! But is it possible to be too intimidating in a good way that they don't approach you/talk to you/open up?

    • Sincerity is never intimidating. You'll notice how a certain open, friendly look draws you to even older and younger people and people of the same sex who aren't dating candidates. An "inviting" manner is always great. What makes me shy away from guys is if they lay on the bedroom eyes too heavily or too soon ... he may be sexy but he looks like a heartbreaker.

  • lol I don't really have any suggestions but your question made me laugh

    Maybe try a nearby city?

    • It is a sausage fest. It's not cool. I feel like that last guy in the room that doesn't get picked for baseball. Because there are so many guys I've experienced plenty of occasions where girls act like ho's. Like they treat you second class and you just can't help but wanna slap them!

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