Do you find me attractive? I have good self confidence just curious is all:)

I haven't got anything on that reality check so I thought this would be a quicker way to see

just be honest to me if you think I would look better with a haircut just tell me I am up for suggestions

and please don't use a rating system like 1-10 those don't help lmao

i am not shallow by the way I am just curious to what girls think I know I have a good personality so don't worry about that :)

thanks for your time and if you wanted me to say what I think about you I would be more then happy to answer only girl tho only if you want me too tho lol

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thats cool no response to the messages on here lmao

oh well this question is dumb to begin with


Most Helpful Girl

  • First, ignore the guys comments. They can't be taken seriously w/the kind of comments they make. I think you are cute but since I am quite a bit older than you I am sure that doesn't mean much. I actually think you would look cute with your bangs longer in the front but still a semi-short cut. You have a longer forehead, so the bangs would make you look cute. Not straight down bangs but kind of swept the side? I don't know -I'm no expert on hair but I think it could make a big difference. Go to a good salon -- may cost you some $$$ but they can give you ideas. I think you could work out a little but for some girls, it doesn't matter. You are cute.

    • How old are you?

      idk if you thought I didn't like my haircut but I was just wondering if I needed any improvements that I have looked pass lol

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What Girls Said 9

  • I checked you other pictures... the ones that you have uploaded onto your account.. and yes, I do think you are good lookin. But by only looking at your profile picture. I wouldn't say that you were attractive to me. Judging by the topless pictures, maybe working out would help you out? But seems like it is already work in progress.

    You seem to already have clear skin, which is a plus. I don't think you need a hair cut. I think you should play around with your hair to see what hair do suits you most. maybe gel it up a bit to make a fohawk, just don't put so much on where it looks like you have greasy hair. You can even grow it out a little.

    • Yeah I have been working out I have lost 30 pounds since august

      i was just saying if you girls think I should work on something that I think is cool but is not attractive like before I had a really big afro and I found out it wasn't attractive at all and I thought it was the coolest thing then I noticed it wasn't really that cool it was just a mess lmao

      so just work out?

  • Yes I would say you are just cute. You look like a nice guy, who maybe just can't find that one nice girl. Besides if you really had confidence then you wouldn't be asking others if you thought you were attractive. So maybe work on that a little? Do you happen to live in Minnesota? You look like a Minnesota guy!

    Best of luck with everything :)

    • Lol I live in wisconsin

      i asked because I didn't get anything from that reality check and thought this would be faster to see anything

      i do have confidence I don't know how to prove it maybe I don't have it lol oh well it was just a question thanks for your time:)

  • I think you're cute and shouldn't have a problem with girls especially since you have a good personality to match

    • Thanks I should say I'm not looking for compliments just looking for the truth

      idk how to tell but most women say cute then anything else

      so thank you for your honesty and your time

      you have a great day ixi10:)

    • I don't know why I'm getting down arrows. I was speaking the truth

    • Well I believe you ixi10:)

  • sorry I'm into bald guys..

    • Bald people need loving too:)

  • Hey am I nobody? I commented ur reality check. I am guessing I naturally find you attractive by the way I felt a small ping of jealously when other girls said they thought you were good lookin. So in short : yes. hahaha ;)

  • I think ur hot. haha lol

  • do you have an older brother named sean?

    • Very funny....I like that

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    • Because you look exacly like this dude I use to know.. but I don't remember his name... only his brother...

    • Ok jw if it was a inside joke or something because Cartiphilus seem to get a laugh out of it

  • yes I find you pretty attractive :)

  • no sorry. you're not ugly or hideous or anything I just don't find you attractive :/

    i think you would look better with a haircut. I can't really tell what type, but go to a salon and ask them what would suit you

    • Why are you anonymous?

What Guys Said 4

  • I think the women on here just love you for your glass-cutter nipples

  • i look better both body and face wise so why try when there's genetically better people than you like me

  • as a guy I must say you need to develope some more confidence and be cool with how you look . confidence is soemthing you must find and once you do you won't care how you look in the morning . and you will have the guts to go up to the girl at the bar no matter how good looking she is , she might still turn you down but at least you have the guts to try . where is other guys don't and don't even try .

  • u need to hit a gymmmm son